Your beautiful new hand-dyed yarn is non-superwash and needs extra care when washing.  After dyeing it has been rinsed in cool water, washed in a gentle pH neutral soap, air dried and re-skeined by hand.  Unless you have rolled your project in unspeakable things it will only need a quick rinse (no wringing!) in cool water with a gentle pH neutral soap (if necessary) or a gentle steam block.  Blot excess moisture with an old towel and block to size/shape.

Bleeding may occur with some natural dyes if left soaking for longer periods especially with leave-in wool washes. These are best avoided.

With very dark dyes some crocking (rub off) can occur but every effort is made to prevent this in the scouring, mordanting, curing, washing and drying phases.

Your fibre has been mordanted using tannin or alum and will be lightfast. However as with all dyes it is not a good idea to leave your projects in direct sunlight for protracted periods of time.

I do not sell skeins which have been dyed with fugitive dyes i.e. some foodstuffs and edible berries although these are great fun to experiment with at home.