What’s in a Name ?

An unexpected pleasure of the natural dye palette has been the sparking of happy scenes of the past. I have always revelled in colour so these memories seem firmly imprinted in my brain and can be summoned to the conscious mind as quickly as a familiar smell or taste.

We have been unable to go to the North Devon/Cornwall coast this spring and have missed the ever changing hedgerows, woods and beaches. Despite this there has been comfort in putting together ‘Tidna Shute Bluebells’, ‘Primroses Down Sand Lane’ and ’70’s Wallpaper at The Smithy’ as well as my ‘Nettled’, ‘Ghost Rider’ and ‘New Moon on the Wreckers’ Coast’ colourways.

My time living in Bath is reflected in colours such as Aqua Sulis, Bath Stone, Lansdown and Bath Glass as well as my mini set ‘Dancing at Chapel Arts’. For me Bath was mainly about work and career but I made some brilliant friends there and have fond honey gold memories of dancing, gigs, clothes and excellent food.

The shop will open on Friday 29 May – I’m very excited!

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